Corporate social responsibility & sports


Idella is involved in society. Social responsibility and corporate sustainability come naturally to us. Idella shows that by doing what it is good at and helping where it really can make a difference.

A good example of our social involvement is our contribution to Enviu’s micro-pension initiative. Idella makes it knowledge, experience and Finance Suite solution available to People Pension Trust.

Idella created the technological backbone for this special pension product. Special distribution channels, another level of knowledge of participants about high volume pensions and low assets context create new challenges.

This micro-pension product is already live in Ghana and People Pension Trust is setting up initiatives in other less developed countries as well.

Health and exercise

Idella deems the health of its employees of paramount importance. Idella is keen to support initiatives aimed at getting people to take exercise. Examples include gym membership discounts or organising sporting events. We also regularly participate in special group events. In addition, Idella boasts its own indoor football team, which, of course, can always use some reinforcement!

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