Vision & values

Idella brings structure to a world characterised by a jumble of different elements. By being selective and having an eye for what is really necessary, Idella knows exactly what to do in order to realise a useful and tangible end result. Idella approaches every project on the basis of this vision.

Vision: design as the driving force

Here at Idella, we are driven by perfecting software for savings, investment and pension administrations. As part of our approach, we take a deeper interest in what users of our platform really need, now and in the future. Even when they do not know this yet themselves.

We look at our work as programmers, as suppliers of software and as financial specialists. Yet above all, we look at it in our capacity as designers.

Being inventive is an important core value of Idella. We explore new possibilities and use our creativity, intuition and analytical skills in doing so. Step by step, until we are the optimal platform for the financial products of the future.


Idella can always be recognised by its proactive attitude. Idella starts and ends each project with the true needs of its customer. That requires pro-activity, creativity and a solution-oriented approach.


Idella has the ability to fully empathise with other people. This ensures that all solutions it comes up with really meet a need. This empathic capacity can be felt internally and is also experienced by customers.


The success of Idella is partly thanks to its ability to think analytically. Its specialist knowledge in the subject area, being able to switch quickly and years of experience are a combination that is used for every project to a maximum extent.


Idella is extremely curious and, therefore, it continues to develop and improve. It always has creative ideas it likes to share with its colleagues and which customers benefit from.


Idella is proud of the fact that its products are used by nearly 3 million people in the Netherlands. It, therefore, likes to share its successes with others. Thanks to its experience and expertise, it has a clear opinion about what the best solution is in the financial market.

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